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Carpet cleaning in Denver

Spring Cleaning Essentials: Professional Carpet Cleaning in Denver

April 6, 2022

Winter can really take a toll on carpets, but our professional carpet cleaning in Denver can help it look its best for spring. Here’s the approach we typically take:

Performing a Thorough Vacuuming

We vacuum thoroughly to remove as much dry debris, grime and dirt as possible. Vacuuming regularly can help stop the accumulation of these particulates in your carpet. After a long winter, its not uncommon to see remnants of ice melt left behind in carpets, so we attempt to remove as much as possible through this first step to avoid damaging your carpets.

Pre-Spraying When Needed

We often use a low-foaming cleaning solution to pre-spray carpets. This is done for maximum efficiency and best results. We allow the pre-spray to soak into your carpets for about a minute, then we move onto the next step in the cleaning process: agitation.

Agitating High-Traffic Areas

After pre-spraying the area, we will target the worst spots of the carpet with agitation. This is typically done in high-traffic areas that accumulate the most dirt and grime. Agitation allows us to remove stubborn filth and residue. We may also use this technique to buff out tough stains.

Extracting Grime

Next, we use professional carpet extractors to remove the dirt and grime we’ve brought to the surface of the carpets during the agitation phase. Our machines allow us to deliver optimal results and remove as much debris and dirt as possible.

Safe Drying

We understand that waiting for carpet to dry can be a hazard or annoyance in high-traffic areas, so we use powerful equipment to direct airflow and keep it moving. This allows us to quickly dry areas so you can get back to business.

Finally, we will recommend a regular cleaning schedule to maintain your carpets and keep them looking their best all season long. We recommend deep cleaning at least twice a year. To schedule our professional carpet cleaning in Denver, contact the team at Triad today!

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