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FAQs for Polished Concrete Floor Contractors in Denver

August 11, 2021

Our polished concrete floor contractors in Denver are often asked about the best ways to clean and maintain concrete floors, what makes this floor type unique and how our clients can incorporate their branding into their floors. Find answers to these and other FAQs below!

What products do the best polished concrete floor contractors use? 

We are proud to partner with Pioneer Eclipse, a leader in polished concrete maintenance in Denver. You’ll find their machines, tooling lines and chemicals in our inventory, and we love them for their innovative technologies, high-quality results and competitive prices. These products are based on more than four decades of floor care expertise and include processes and formulas for every step of the floor maintenance and restoration process. Our polished concrete floor contractors use them to remove surface scratches, distinct wear patterns and stains, polish concrete and protect your floors to keep them looking their best.

Can my logo be recreated on my concrete floor? 

Yes! We specialize in logos and graphics for concrete floors, and they are a great way to wow your customers when they walk into your business! Take a look at this example and contact us to learn more about our decorative concrete services in Denver: 

A polished concrete floor with ACE hardware logo in red and "Chatfield Welcome" in black text.

Are concrete floors loud? 

The echo effect of concrete floors is similar to that of natural stone flooring, ceramic tile and certain types of hardwood floors. If you’re concerned about sound, you can muffle it by using materials in your space that absorb sound, like wall fabrics and area rugs. 

Are concrete floors damp and cold? 

Like natural stone or ceramic tile flooring, concrete floors can be cool. They can also be warmed by the material’s ability to store heat. If your floors feel chilly, open your blinds to let sunlight in. The floor will absorb and radiate the warmth. Radiant heating cables may also be installed under your floors to increase warmth. 

In properly constructed buildings, concrete floors should never be damp. Building codes usually require the placement of a vapor barrier under concrete to stop moisture from migrating and prevent dampness. If your floor is damp, the issue is with your building’s insulation or subgrade, not the concrete itself. 

Are concrete floors difficult to maintain? 

Polished concrete floors in Denver are easier to maintain than many other types of floor surfaces. In spaces with light foot traffic, occasional sweeping and cleaning with a damp mop will ensure your floor looks great for years. Using a sealer and coat of wax or floor finish will protect your floors and make them more resistant to abrasions, stains and chemicals. In spaces with heavier traffic, you can reduce wear and tear by installing floor matting both inside entryways and outside. 

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