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Bite Back Against Mosquitos: Pest Control in Denver

June 18, 2020

Mosquitos bugging your business? Bite back with our pest control services! 

The first step in preventing mosquitoes is conducting a comprehensive inspection of your site. Our pros will be on the look out for potential breeding areas, then we will customize a solution that fits your needs. 


Common Mosquito Breeding Areas

Mosquitos love standing water. It’s where they lay their eggs, and they don’t need much to do it. Any standing water around your property, from the smallest puddle to a large pond, can be used as a breeding area. Clogged drains are another common area that can become a breeding zone. 

Pest Control Solutions 

After your site walk-through, our experts may take a number of steps to prevent mosquitos from breeding on your property. We may suggest eliminating breeding grounds, preventing standing water or even more frequent cleaning of your gutters to remove and prevent mosquitos. 

We always aim to start with preventative measures, but if you are already experiencing an infestation of mosquitos, we may use targeted application of control products to rid them from your property. 

Finally, our pest control team will continue to regularly monitor your situation and adjust treatments as necessary based on future inspections. 

Interested in talking to one of our team members about our pest control in Denver? Contact us today at 303-744-8285 to learn more! 

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