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5 Tips to Make Your Small Engine Equipment Last for Years

July 15, 2021

Lawnmowers, snow blowers, power washers and other small pieces of power equipment make our lives easier, but they have to be properly maintained to work efficiently and safely.

Routine maintenance is key to ensuring worry-free long-term performance of your small engine equipment. Keeping your machine in tip-top shape can also increase the lifespan of your equipment and spare you costly replacements. Keep your machine running at peak performance by following these regular maintenance tips.

Prep Before the Start of the Season

For equipment like snowblowers or lawn mowers, give your equipment a thorough inspection before the start of the season. Carefully check all the components of the engine and make sure they are intact and firmly in place, including the fuel hoses, spark plugs, muffler, fuel cap and wires.

Tighten any bolts that may have become loose in storage, change the oil and replace your fuel to maximize engine performance.

Keep Your Owner’s Manual Handy

No matter what type of equipment you won, always keep your owner’s manual nearby. This is the best source of info on everything from proper care and maintenance to safe use. If you experience any issues with your machine, check your manual first before attempting any further steps.

Do an Engine Tune-Up

We recommend giving your engine a tune-up every 500 hours or each year. This will keep your machine running well for years to come. Overdo for a tune-up? Contact us today to schedule our small engine services!

Conduct Regular Inspections

As you get to know your machine, you’ll be able to sense when something isn’t working properly. Don’t ignore warning signs like strange vibrations or noises! If something is amiss, stop your equipment immediately, let it cool down and conduct a thorough inspection.

Change Your Oil

Clean oil is essential for keeping gas-powered engines working well for years. Check your levels using a dipstick, and replace your oil if it looks dark and dirty. Consult your owner’s manual to make sure you choose the right type.

Following these tips can keep your equipment working at peak performance for years, but if repairs are needed, contact Triad today. With 30 years of experience, we provide professional small engine service in Denver that can get you and your machine back to work in no time, and we are manufacturers warranty representatives. Either drop off your equipment or schedule pick up – whatever is most convenient for you. Want to take a DIY approach? We also sell parts to repair your own equipment. Give us a call at 303-744-8285 to reach our service team today!

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